Education is the bedrock of our societal structure. The problem is friends, that bedrock is broken. Far too long we have operated with the one room education model. The idea that education policy enacted from the top down is the only way to operate. I say that is wrong. We as parents, educators, students and elected officials must all have a seat at the table. What works for one district, is a failure in another. The women and men at the local level understand the needs of the students. We must all come to see education as a vital necessity that needs to be funded and ultimately reformed. We can no longer stand idly by as our communities are left behind by failed policies. The current education system must adapt to technological trends and the focus must be on enhancing the individual student’s learning. Reform begins by breaking out of the current model and fully funding our public schools to levels that allow for experimentation and adoption of new individualized curriculums. We must not turn our backs on education because we think it is a lost cause. Education is the fuel that powers the economic engine. Through an educated workforce, we as Americans can continue to be a driving force throughout the world.


Our current Healthcare system is broken. The hybrid private/public structure leaves many out of the entire system. During the recent debate over Healthcare, one area that received little attention was preventative care. By focusing on preventative care for all Americans, we can begin to focus on healthcare that seeks to understand the patient’s needs. This focus will aid in the prevention of catastrophic bills arising from late detection. Giving all Americans a chance to live a healthy and productive life free from the fear of disease is vital to our national interest. A healthy work force is a productive workforce. Creating economic barriers to Healthcare only adds to the problem. Politicians treating Healthcare as a commodity betrays our trust as Americans. We can no longer accept an elected class that seeks to divide the sick from the healthy because in their mind, that is the easiest path. Healthcare is a right for all Americans and for our future generations to live healthy and productive lives, we must ensure that our health is addressed.

National Security

The United States is seen throughout the world as a nation that opens its arms in times of trouble and protects those in times of need. In recent times, elected officials have seemed to reverse that view by enacting policies that seek to divide by hateful beliefs and misguided logic. To ensure a strong national security we must as Americans be a warm and welcoming nation. We must not turn our backs on our brothers and sisters abroad. We must enact policies that treat all people foreign and domestic with equal weight under the law. The days of closing our doors and hoping that things will get better are gone. We must step out into the light and embrace the role that American men and women of all shapes and sizes, economic levels, beliefs and color of skin have fought and died for. We as Americans have through centuries of struggle built a nation that is the envy of the world. We must not retreat from our well earned responsibility.

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